We’re a book club based out of Bangalore (or Bengaluru if you prefer) co-created and run by Abhiram R and Radhika Chauhan in early 2017. We’ve been active since then conducting meetups on the 4th Sunday of (almost) every month apart from author events, writing prompts etc. If you like books and want to talk or hear about them with a group of like minded folks, you’re in the right place! :)

How do I Join Broke Bibliophiles Bangalore?

a) Here’s the Facebook group where we have Writing prompts, listings of books on different topics raised by different members of the group, reviews posted by people etc.

b) Our Twitter Handle - Where information mostly trickles down from Facebook + we inform people about info in the literature world that’s happening on Twitter https://twitter.com/BibliophilesBlr

c) On the 4th or last Sunday of every month we have a physical meetup at Bookworm, Church Street Bangalore, from 2.30 PM - 4.30 PM. You can find the next few months’ foreseeable schedule here -

f) Finally if you find all of this overwhelming :D I’ve been logging every book we’ve discussed over the last 4 years apart from different sorts of lists and writing prompt entries etc at http://brokebibliophilesbangalore.com (i.e. this site) .Check out some recommendations from past meetups here! .

I hope you find something of value atleast in one of the ways here :)

For more details/ to join/host the book club, feel free to mail us or DM us.