BBB Meetup-26

Atta Galatta

The first Meetup of 2020 and our 26th meetup in all, this one had a nice mixture of newbies and regulars. Amid cheesy chilli pops and coffee, much was discussed about the law, Indian authors and much fiction and non-fiction. We even had some people flit in and sit in... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-24

Atta Galatta

There were 17 people at our 24th meetup on the 24th of November and this time, we were joined by the awesome Gautam Shenoy, but in true celebrity fashion, he escaped the glare of the paparazzi and therefore does not feature in the picture below :( Jokes apart though, I... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-20


Today’s meetup had 16 members attending and went on for a spirited 3 hours! This time, we switched locations from our regular favorite (Atta Galatta) to a new bookcafe in the city - Champaca - and it.was.BEAUTIFUL! The members loved the place and the hosts Radhika, Pavithra and Rahul were... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-14

Atta Galatta

We had 36 people in the last meetup BBB#14 and frankly that’s a bit too much :-/ But the discussion was lively, the fries being passed around were awesome and there was hot coffee, so I’m partially happy. What would have made me happier is if everyone could have heard... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-13

Atta Galatta

Oh yessss 🐣 Meetup #13 happened on 22 Apr 2018 and I was very pleased with the eventual turnout, one of the largest we’ve had so far. This time we didn’t have a theme and that was awesome since the discussion wasn’t polarized or monopolized and everyone got their say.... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-9

Atta Galatta

We at Broke Bibliophiles Bangalore had our 2nd meetup of 2018 and 9th meetup in all on Saturday, the 24th of Feb. It was a lot of fun, even the first half of it, I’m sure. I reached late …coz..I started late. We had a lot more people join in... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-8

Atta Galatta

This was the first meetup of 2018 and if spirited conversations, a lot of laughter and smiles all around are any indication, it was a lot of fun. We had a modest gathering of close to 25 people and everyone…came on time. (Fiine.. I wasn’t there on time). We went... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-5

Atta Galatta

Aaaand Meetup#5 happened as well ! :) The modest strength of the attendees notwithstanding, this was another fun meet. We had 3 new entrants today in Gokul S Nath, Amay Narayan and Palgun Kj . Also, pseudo-newbie Varun Vasudev finally made it to His first formal book-meetup as well :D... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-1

Atta Galatta

This was the first Official meetup. Radhika and I had a better understanding of who had RSVP-ed and what time folks would start spilling in etc. We decided to pick Atta Galatta because Radhika had heard a lot of good things. We met with Palgun, the manager at Atta Galatta... [Read More]

BBB Meetup-0

Basava Bhavan

This was the very first unofficial meetup. We didn’t know each other. We didn’t even know who was really coming. All we knew was that there was a books By Weight event happening at Basava Bhavan and that a few folks and I from Broke Bibliophiles Bangalore were going to... [Read More]