Despite the fact that we had to abandon our meetup at Atta Galatta midway and rush to a gazebo outside to resume it, we still managed to have a lively conversation.

The following are the books that were discussed in the Apr 2018 meetup.

  • When Breath becomes Air - Paul Kalanithi
  • The Game - Neil Strauss
  • Malazan - Steve Erikson
  • Create Dangerously - Albert Camus
  • The Book of Chocolate Saints - Jeet Thayil
  • The Meursault Investigations - Kamel Daoud
  • Essays on Nationalalism - George Orwell
  • Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe
  • Leila - Prayag Akbar
  • Guards Guards - Terry Pratchett
  • Not that Kind of a Girl - Lenna Dunham
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini
  • Guns, Germs and Steel - Jared Diamond
  • The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan
  • Mid-Wicket Tales: From Trumper to Tendulkar - S Giridhar and V J Raghunath